What’s Happening – Aug 2014 Update

WAG website has experienced problems caused by a virus that has now been eliminated. WAG has used the opportunity to update the site and to make it more user friendly and to prevent future difficulties. WAG apologises to anyone who has experienced difficulties in accessing the site in the last 2/3 weeks.

WAG is currently involved in researching and making representations on the following issues;
1. A planning application for a change of use from farm and bed and breakfast accommodation to an Equestrian Centre made by Laver Leisure.
2. The planning application by The Solar Building Company of Monmouth for a solar farm at Moneystone under application SMD/2014/0432. If you wish to make representations you have until………WAG will post it’s representations shortly and when finalised.
3. The Laver ‘exhibition’ held at Whiston Village hall on 15 July 2014. Please note that by reading the details of the displays carefully Laver described the event as an ‘exhibition’ and Director Peter Swallow expressly confirmed that the display amounted to the forthcoming planning application and ‘would not change’. From comments made by at least two District Councillors , Josie Clowes and Brian Johnson, at the Laver exhibition, it is clear that they lacked factual knowledge of major proposals arising from Lavers plans. WAG intends to work to ensure all Councillors know the details of all salient facts and issues before deciding on the planning application when it is lodged.

If you would like to make any comments on the above issues please feel free to do so.
Please watch for updates on the above specific issues and others, which will be posted here ASAP.

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