Better Tourism not more Tourism?

Better Tourism not more Tourism?

Given the pressure on the SMDC to build a Core Strategy, and a Master plan based largely on the uncertain basis of tourism, what then should be the way forward?

It is clear to anyone taking the time and effort to visit the tourist ‘hot spots’ that are characterised in the current version of the Churnet Valley Master Plan as ‘Key attraction and opportunity sites’ [see Masterplan Options report ] that on any weekend during the main holiday periods, weekends etc., these ‘hot-spots’ are already heavily oversubscribed with the result that the localities in which they are situated are already being degraded. Evidence in support of this assertion is contained in traffic census and photographic records annexed to the WAG Alternative Masterplan.  WAG supports:-

• Better quality of tourism to maintain the current numbers of tourists.
• Protect the area from the damaging effects of increased numbers.
• Current District Council proposals are at odds with the Government’s guidance.
• Planning policy should encourage development on Brownfield sites around the three towns and not the protected areas of the Churnet Valley.

Learn from the Peak District

• Peak Park planners encourage small local businesses to cater for visitors.
• Advantage – money spent in the Park stays local.
• The Churnet Valley Master Plan should adopt the same approach.

Helping to Protect the Churnet Valley