SMDC Core Strategy being tested by Independent Inspector

Mr Patrick Whitehead of the independent Planning Inspectorate initiated his examination of the SMDC’s Core Strategy on Tuesday (11 Dec 2012) with a pre-hearing meeting at the Bethel Suite, Tape Street, Cheadlle.  The well attended meeting listened to Mr Whitehead outline the way in which he would engage with the public during the main examination period scheduled to start on Tuesday 05 February at Moorlands House, Stockwell Street, Leek.  WAG representatives present were encouraged by the openness of the proposals and Mr Whitehead’s willingness to listen to the issues raised by those present concerning the Core Strategy document’s lack of legal compliance and soundness.  WAG welcomes a rigorous independent examination of the SMDC Core Strategy document to see if its supporting evidence stands up to scrutiny.
If you wish to know more the inspector’s Programme Officer, Pippa Home, can be contacted at   tel 0845 129 7777 ext 3705 (Wednesday mornings, Thursdays and Fridays.)