Public Comments on the Churnet Valley Options Report – Meeting at Moorlands House, Leek, 7pm Wed 18 July 2012

The results of the public consultation on the Churnet Valley Master Plan Options Report are to be presented in an officer report to the District Council at 7pm on Wednesday 18th April 2012 at Moorlands House, Stockwell Street, Leek.  Members of the public may observe from the public gallery.

The officer report summarises the 3695 individual comments made by the 226 respondents to the five options for tourism development in the Churnet Valley identified by the council.  The officer report is viewable on the district council’s website via the following link:

Support for the five development options was as follows:-

Refusal to select any of the District Council options                                         26%

Option A Minimal Development                                                                         44%

Option B  Dispersed Development                                                                       6%

Option C Northern Focus                                                                                     12%

Option D Froghall Focus                                                                                        7%

Option E Southern Focus                                                                                       5%


The next step is for the officers to write a draft Churnet Valley Master Plan that will need to conform to the council’s Core Strategy (yet to be finalised) and the new National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).  The meeting at 7pm on Wed 18 July 2012 at Leek presents an opportunity for you to listen to how the council receives the officer report.