Whiston Action Group [WAG] was formed in 2005 by a group of residents who felt that the planning process, as it applied to applications within the village, failed to provide any meaningful method of expressing legitimate concerns about any particular planning application.

The group, which is wholly funded by local contributions, determined that it should establish a clear mandate from the majority of residents and ensure that any representations it made to Planning Authorities should be based on facts and evidence.

WAG has so far been successful in representing and, as appropriate resisting, planning applications that residents felt would have an adverse effect upon the community. To that end they commissioned and paid for expert reports on such issues as noise and dust pollution, traffic flows and management issues, environmental issues including Sites of Special Scientific Interest, species protection etc. WAG has determined to bring the same rigorous analytical approach to the emerging Core Strategy and in particular the Churnet Valley Master Plan.

Helping to Protect the Churnet Valley