W.A.G. Concerns

  • Current tourist numbers are already degrading tourist ‘hot spots’.
  • Geography, topography and infrastructure of the Churnet Valley do not allow for the type and proposed levels of increased tourism.


Churnet Valley Master Plan – Lack of Public Consultation

  • Staffordshire Moorlands District Council failed to consult adequately with the public from the outset.
  • The proposals more reflect the demands of commercial enterprise than the aspirations of the public.
  • WAG wants Better tourism not More tourism. WAG supports a tourism industry based on small local businesses, where the profits stay within the community, rather than exploitation of the valley by major outside developers.



  • The district council proposals take no account of the inadequate road infrastructure in the Churnet Valley.  Alton Towers traffic is already a concern and further development can only make a bad situation worse.



  • The district council proposals will provide only a small number of jobs, most being part-time, low paid and likely to attract outside labour.  WAG would like to see more permanent skilled and professional jobs created through local tourism businesses and small scale industrial units on appropriate brownfield sites.

Helping to Protect the Churnet Valley