An important planning application is due to come before the Staffordshire County Council Planning Committee on 06 March.

Several years ago, Staffordshire County Council (SCC ) put in place a requirement for the quarry owner to complete a comprehensive restoration plan to return the quarry to agricultural and wildlife use within two years of the quarry closing.

Laver Leisure inherited that responsibility but failed to complete the work. Instead they submitted a planning application in Nov 2012 to make major changes to the restoration plan without adequate justification. The changes would have involved re-quarrying of huge quantities of spoil material from the back of the houses on Blakeley Lane and transporting it by lorry to the last quarried area to the south side of Whiston Eaves Lane.

Over a period of many months, numerous public objections to Laver’s application were made resulting in queries being raised by officers on behalf of the Staffordshire County Council Planning Committee. As a result Laver Leisure has now withdrawn the major elements of their proposed changes, reverting to a position more in line with the original restoration plan. Whiston Action Group still has concerns regarding certain aspects of the latest proposals, such as retention of the hard standing, for which Laver have offered no justification, and continues to monitor the situation closely.

The next step will be the release of the SCC Officer report on the SCC Planning website, which should be available for the public to view from
26 February.

To view the application follow the following link:-