Moneystone Quarry – Update Sep 2018

It would appear that there has been some recent noisy activity in Quarry 2 which has been impossible to view from any easily accessible vantage point. Does anyone know what is going on there, if so could you please let us know.


The tenants have now left Crow Trees Farm, Moneystone and this prime piece of land in the former quarry is now available to the owners of the site to ‘adapt’ to suit their purpose. We will be looking to see what planning applications come in for it as Laver Leisure have been extremely keen to have the farm vacated.


We will also continue to look out for any other planning applications that have anything to do with the former quarry, and other important sites such as Bolton’s Copperworks, to see what implications there are for the residents of the area.


We’ll do our best to keep you informed of developments, as and when they arise, and we would be grateful to receive any information you might have regarding constructional activities, especially those in and around the quarry and copperworks.”