Moneystone Quarry – Appeal Hearing by the Planning Inspector

Staffordshire Moorlands District Council refused permission for Laver Leisure to develop a 250 lodge holiday camp at Moneystone Quarry.   Laver Leisure lodged an appeal.

An appointed Planning Inspector from Bristol is to hold a public hearing to determine the appeal. The hearing is to be held at the Staffordshire Moorlands District Council Offices at Stockwell Street, Leek, starting 10am Tuesday 7th November 2017.    The hearing is likely to last 7-8 days.

Local community members are to speak at the appeal hearing along with key pressure  groups and organisations opposing the scheme, including parish councils.

You have an important individual right to make representations at the hearing. 

The Inspector has agreed that if any member of the public wishes to speak and who attends at 10 am 7/11/17 and asks to speak, the Inspector will allocate a time and date for them within the timetable.

Anyone who wishes to make representations should attend at the start of the appeal but need not stay and can return at their allotted time.