A ‘new’ planning application number SMD/2015/0220 has been made to SMDC by the same applicants whose earlier application SMD/2014/0432 was rejected by the planning committee on the 26th. February 2015.

At the time of this posting the application which is shown on the SMDC planning website had not been validated, no fee was shown and seemingly no case officer had been appointed.
Because of the complete dearth of any other documentary evidence at this time it is impossible to say how, if at all, application 0220 differs from 0432.
It is abundantly clear that there must have been consultations between the applicants and Officers of SMDC.
You might want to ask about those consultations and inspect the documentation.
The application on the SMDC website mentions both the new application SMD/2015/0220 and the defeated application SMD/2014/0432.
As the time to appeal the refusal of 0432 has not yet expired and it remains open to the applicants to appeal to  Government Planning Inspector the refusal of 26/2/15 and because the application form exhibited on the SMDC website makes reference to both application numbers you are entitled to see the details of any renegotiation between Planning Officers and the applicants because they are relevant to both any prospective appeal and the difference, if any, between the old and the new applications.
You are entitled to use the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act to request the disclosure of information that will or may assist you in deciding what if any representations you might wish to make.
Please remember that as this is a new application any representations you made before will NOT necessarily be considered by Planning Officers in the new application, so if you wish to comment please send in your comments again to cover the detail of any amendments made to the earlier application.
As soon as WAG is able to uncover the detail of any changes to the application it will circulate them so it will pay to keep checking the WAG website.
Please also be aware that there is nothing to stop a planning officer determining SMD/2015/0220 under delegated powers.
WAG would regard any such attempt as a gross denial of democracy.
You may wish to discuss this possibility with your District Councillor who has the power to demand that the application is ‘called in’ so that it is decided by the whole Planning Committee.
Whiston Action Group